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Management Consulting

High Beam Global helps companies explore extraordinary opportunities, enhance revenue growth, and maximize profits. We work with our clients to maximize their strengths in the areas of Customer Management, Market Management and People Management.

We help our clients to identify their weakness, to win over it and convert the same as their strength. We help our clients to identify opportunities in the market place and maximize their reach to every possible customer. We help develop a vision and ambition with-in internal teams that drive growth for our client’s organizations.

Our Strength :

Sales Management
The team at High Beam Global is one with a proven track record. Over last many years these professionals have achieved many accolades in their respective fields. They have worked with established as well as start up organizations to deliver exceptional business growth

High Beam Global works with the clients towards :

  • Building the right sales strategies
  • Setting the right projections
  • Tracking revenues against goals
  • Formulating/Improving Processes
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Formulating Marketing Strategies
  • Coaching/Mentoring and Monitoring Sales and Marketing Teams

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Brand Management
The team of professionals at High Beam Global has won many applauds in Brand Creation. They have worked in highly competitive environment and have successfully carved a place for the products they work for globally and locally.

HB Global works with the clients towards

  • Brand Positioning
  • Repositioning
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Product Creation
  • Selecting effective advertising channels
  • Communicating right messages to stakeholders
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Market Identification, Segmenting and Positioning:

High Beam Global works with its client to identify the right market for its offerings. We conduct an in-depth analysis to identify and segment the potential market by using data around consumer demographics, life style characteristics, product/service penetration and local government policies.

We not only help our clients to identify the prospect market but even help them with segmentation for right communication and branding. We also help our clients to reach-out these prospects by using concepts such as :

  • Mass Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Segment Marketing
  • Micro Marketing
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Organizational Restructuring for maximizing productivity
Right organization structure of the sales and delivery team is most important to maximize output. High Beam Global helps arrive at the sales structure for the services organizations to reach the target audience. It also helps its clients to develop that structure by identifying/acquiring the right resources.

High Beam Global has following services to offer

  • Designing the sales structure
  • Recruiting sales staff
  • Identifying and recruiting market inter mediatory.
  • Designing the support framework
  • Productivity mapping
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Recruitment and Training
For any organization to successfully meet its top/bottom line, it is important to have the right people at right positions.

High Beam Global with it rich experience into team development, helps its clients to recruit the right talent. By defining Job Responsibilities and required skills correctly, High Beam Global selects the most effective team for the required delivery. Along with identifying and hiring new talent High Beam Global also helps companies by imparting right skills to its current employees.

High Beam Global helps its clients with

  • Developing Job descriptions and formulating roles and responsibilities
  • Recruitments/Hiring
  • Training
  • Market Representation
  • Healthcare Research