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Survey Programming

High Beam Global has advanced programming capabilities, with experienced programmers, to program complex surveys for CATI and CAPI interviews. The surveys are programmed using a variety of survey programming tools including ConfirmIT, Kinesis, ASP.net, etc.

Our survey programming team can design complex surveys with features including:

  • Generation of unique tracking-IDs
  • Open and close-ended coding
  • Multiple choices
  • Skip patterns
  • Piping logic
  • Randomization and block rotation
  • Storing de-rotated data on back-end
  • Tables
  • Scaling questions
  • Ranking questions
  • % Calculations
  • Multimedia support (audio/video/flash)
  • All major languages supported


Top class survey programming capabilities mixed with robust project management makes us the ideal partner for online surveys globally

Data Processing: The data processing staff at High Beam Global can provide expert survey formatting services using SPSS, SAS, Microsoft Excel or Access, or any other database and analysis software as needed. We also offer complete tabulation services, providing clients with statistical program data and other results, according to their unique s

Data Cleaning/ Data Validation

  • Data integrity check
  • Removing data redundancy
  • Identifying and fixing data inconsistencies
  • Quota setting
  • Handling trackers



  • Creation of banner tables using data from various formats (ASCII, Excel, SPSS or any other custom format)
  • Creation of banner tables in various formats (Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, any other custom format)
  • Marginal Frequencies
  • Means, medians and standard deviations
  • Produce complete variable distribution showing percentages, cumulative percentages and numerous descriptive statistics
  • Graphical Representations of Cross tabulations
  • Stub-and-Banner Tables
  • Weighting